Voice memo on the new iPod

Q: Do you know anything about the voice memo feature on the new iPod models? Will we be able to record on them like the older models? If so, will the same recording accessories work as those for the fifth-generation iPods? Also, will recordings take up as much space as the fifth-generation voice memo because I recall that earlier generations took up less storage for voice memos.

– Conrad

A: At this point, all of the voice accessories that we’ve tested with the new iPod classic and iPod nano work in much the same way as they did with the fifth-generation iPod and second-generation iPod nano.

Recording formats and size also appear to remain the same, although in terms of file size the new models offer both a “High” and “Low” recording quality setting like the fifth-generation iPod did.

The “High” setting is intended primarily for stereo recording, and records uncompressed WAV files in 44kHz stereo, at 1411 kbps, using approximately 11MB/min of storage for recording.

This is primarily intended to be used with a stereo recording accessory in conditions where the quality is necessary, such as music recording.

The “Low” setting on the other hand records uncompressed WAV files in 22kHz mono, at 352kbps, using up approximately 2.8MB/min of storage for recording.