Voice recorders for 2007 iPods


Q: Are there any products like TuneTalk Stereo that allow users to record lectures and such on the new iPod classic or iPod touch models? I used to record classroom lectures on my 5G iPod, but I recently broke it. Although I love music, good grades are more important, so I really need to replace my iPod before my grades slide any further. I’m just wondering if I can get a new one to serve my purpose or if I should track down an older model. Thanks a lot if you can help me out with this.

– Allen

A: Actually, any of the voice recording accessories that were built for the fifth-generation iPod remain compatible with the new iPod classic and iPod nano. This includes the Belkin TuneTalk Stereo (iLounge rating: B+), Griffin iTalk Pro Stereo (iLounge rating: B) and XtremeMac MicroMemo (iLounge rating: A-). These devices will function much the same with the iPod classic as they did with the 5G iPod, so if you already own a voice recorder for your 5G iPod, you can purchase an iPod classic or iPod nano and continue using the device you already have.

Note that these voice recorders are not compatible with the iPod touch or iPhone, since at this time the iPod touch and iPhone simply do not provide any support for voice recording at all.


Jesse Hollington

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