Voice recorders for 4G iPods

Q: I’m in the market for a microphone for my fourth-generation iPod. There don’t appear to be many available. Belkin has three choices and they skip over the fourth-generation iPod. Could you please tell me which microphones will work with the 4G iPod?

– Paul

A: Unfortunately, the iPod audio recorder interface changed between the fourth and fifth-generation iPod models. As of the 5G iPod, voice recorders began using the standard iPod Dock Connector port, whereas previous voice recorders connected to the remote/accessory port on the top of the fourth-generation iPod.

Since the 4G iPod was discontinued three years ago, this means that none of the voice recording accessories presently available on the market today will work with the 4G iPod. As a result, your only really viable option is to look around for older voice recorders that may be available from other second-hand sources such as eBay.

Some of the voice recorders that we have reviewed in the past that are compatible with the 4G iPod include the Belkin TuneTalk for iPod (iLounge rating: B), Belkin Universal Microphone Adapter for iPod (iLounge Rating: C+), Belkin Voice Recorder for iPod (iLounge rating: B) and Griffin iTalk Voice Recorder for iPod (iLounge rating: A-). Any of these options will work fine with the 4G iPod, with the only challenge being actually finding one, since these have been off the market for over two years now.

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