Waterproof cases and sound quality


Q: I own the Otterbox waterproof case for my 30GB iPod. However, I immediately noticed that when my iPod was played through it the bass level from the music was greatly diminished. I’m now looking to buy a new case and I’m leaning toward the AquaPac as I have read many good reviews. Before I purchase it however, I would like to make sure it doesn’t suffer from the same diminished bass issue.  I can’t find any mention of sound quality in your reviews of these two products, which is very surprising from a website dedicated to accessories for a music player.

– Buzzy

A: Although waterproof cases do have an electrical connection for your headphones, these are simply pass-through connectors and should not modify the sound quality in any way.

The most likely cause of your particular problem is that you’re not getting a proper connection between the iPod and the case. You would get a similar effect if your headphones weren’t plugged in properly to your iPod itself. You should check your connections to ensure that they are snug between the case and your iPod, and if the problem persists, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer as this may be a product defect, in which case they might be able to provide you with a replacement.


Jesse Hollington

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