Waterproof earphones

Q: I was looking at purchasing the H2O Audio Surge Waterproof Headphones, but I was curious if you could still hear somebody talking to you with them in your ears. I work as a Pool Tech and depend on my iPod to get me through my days, but still need to be able to hear somebody if they have a question or comment. I prefer the earbuds to the headphones, but sweat/rain seem to short out the right side of the buds that come with the iPod. I’m on my third pair in a year and a half. If you can’t still hear, could you please recommend something else to do what I’d like?

– Patrick

A: From our own experience, the H20 Surge headphones isolate sound quite effectively, so the chances are that you will not hear external audio very clearly when you are wearing them. Note that older H2O headphone models are equally waterproof and have slightly less isolation and will deliver more ambient noise, but will also have slightly lower apparent sound quality as a result.

Another possible compromise would be to wear the Surge in one ear and not the other, or perhaps fit the Surge more loosely so that you don’t get as tight of a seal with your ear canal.

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