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  2. Generally, you can check out our [url=https://www.ilounge.com/index.php/faqs/]Frequently Asked Questions[/url] section for quick answers to questions like this. One FAQ, [url=https://www.ilounge.com/index.php/faqs/answers/which-generation-of-ipod-do-i-have-identifying-ipod-models-by-generation/]Which Generation of iPod do I have? (Identifying iPod models by generation)[/url], has the information you need.

  3. Hi Jeremy, one more question and I’ll give you a rest for a while, users on here talk of having 5 generations Ipods what does this mean? how do I know what I have ?
    thanks in advance

  4. Hi there, just got an 30gb Ipod from Santa ( I was a very good girl) and I love it, now I’d like to add some language software I’m off to Italy so would like to learn the language any suggestions ?
    great site btw its been a big help thank you

  5. I just got an ipod nano 4gb and i downloaded itunes to my pc but the when i connected everything the ipod wouldn’t add a song that just purchased from itunes or any other songs that i wanted. it only added songs at random. 🙁 any advise would be great, thanks.

  6. Hey everyone, I decided to get one of those video ipods and i’m having a huge debate within myself, wether i should get the 30GB or the 80GB one. I’m thinking bigger is better , but also could be a bit useless with so much space. So anyone , please share your opinions and experience with these kinds of ipods. Thanks.

  7. Hello All,
    I am a Proud owner of a new 8gb nano over Christmas, everything works great except for one quirk. At MIDNITE the unit will turn on with 2 audible chirps and sit in standby for several minutes. I have noticed this when it has been sitting on my bedstand at nite and BOTH my wife’s and my Ipod have done this at the same time. Whats up? how do I silence this? or do I should I be sure to put it in a drawer at nite?
    just Curious.

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