Windows ME support

Q: I have Windows ME. But iPod Nano setup requires Windows XP. Is there a solution other than installing Windows XP?

– Fennell

A: As you don’t specifically mention which model of iPod nano you have, it is difficult to say for certain what your options are. The newest iPod models are only compatible with Windows XP, and at this point the third-party software options are extremely limited due to some changes to the design of the internal iPod database in the latest iPod models.

However, if you’re using an older iPod nano (first or second generation), you may have a few more options available. Although iTunes itself will not run on Windows ME, there are third-party software applications that will allow you to manage your iPod on older Windows versions. A number of options can be found in our Software Downloads section.

Note that many of these will not provide all of the functionality of iTunes itself, but should definitely allow for basic management of audio content.

The most significant limitation to not using iTunes in this case is that you will not be able to apply firmware updates to your iPod, since these must be installed via iTunes.

Ideally, upgrading to Windows XP is the preferable solution for maximum compatibility. It should be noted that Microsoft officially discontinued ALL support for Windows ME as of July 11, 2006. This means that any issues, bugs, or security vulnerabilities in Windows ME are no longer being addressed by Microsoft in the form of patches or other technical support.