Windows Vista iTunes issues

Q: I recently upgraded my computer to Windows Vista.  iTunes is working fine in general, but it’s not allowing me to play my purchased music. I had to re-authorize my account after I upgraded, and iTunes is indicating that the authorization was successful, but every time I try to play a purchased song, I am prompted to authorize. I can play all of my ripped tracks with no problem.

I realize Vista just came out, but I don’t see how I can blame Microsoft for this one, given that all of iTunes’ other functions work fine.

– Andrew

A: The issue, as TweakVista discovered, is that iTunes is attempting to write to a portion of Windows’ registry that a non-administrator user can no longer access in Windows Vista. Surely, an issue of this magnitude is likely to be fixed in an iTunes update in a matter of days, but TweakVista also supplies a simple solution in the meantime:

Right click on your iTunes shortcut, choose “Properties,” and enable “Run as an Administrator” in the “Compatibility” tab.

Click OK, and iTunes should function properly.

Important Update : Shortly after this article was published, Apple released the official iTunes Repair Tool for Vista 1.0. We recommend using this solution rather than the one above.