Wired remotes for iPod classic

Q: I have an iPod classic. Does anyone make a wired iPod remote equivalent to the one Apple used to sell for earlier generation iPods? I bike a lot and enjoy keeping my iPod in my bag and being able to change tracks/volume by using the remote clipped to my shoulder strap.

– Michael

A: Actually, the Apple FM Radio Remote (iLounge rating: A-) originally released for the fifth-generation iPod is still supported with the iPod classic and iPod nano. It is not supported on the iPod touch or iPhone, however.

Other options include the Logiix The Remote+ for iPods (iLounge rating: C-), Logic3 In-line Remote with LCD Display (iLounge rating: B-), and the Griffin iFM Radio and Remote for iPod with Dock Connector (iLounge rating: B+). While we have not specifically tested all of these against the new iPod classic, from our experience the iPod classic and iPod nano (video) use the same Dock Connector remote control features as the fifth-generation iPod did, so any remotes designed for the fifth-generation iPod should continue to work with the 2007 iPod classic and iPod nano (video) models.