Wireless headphones for iPod 5G and nano

Q: Are Logitech’s wireless iPod headphones compatible with the iPod Nano? Logitech’s website only mentions iPod and iPod mini.

– Steven

A: Logitech’s iPod-specific model is not fully compatible with the iPod nano or the fifth-generation iPod.

This model uses the now-defunct remote control port found on prior iPod models as a means to control the iPod’s playback functions. Should you not value this control feature or the solid mount that the transmitter makes with the iPod, the headphones do come with a short adapter cable that will allow them to work on an audio-only basis with the new iPods.

Alternatively, Logitech’s more generic “Wireless Headphones for MP3” will mount a bit more securely to the new iPod models, as they won’t require an adapter cable.

To our knowledge, there does not yet exist any wireless headphones custom-designed for either the iPod nano or new 5G iPod, but they’re likely on their way, for sure.