Witholding one genre in iPod syncing

Q: How can I update my iPod, withholding a specific genre such as “Holiday,” without deleting the genre from my iTunes library entirely?

– Lynne

A: There are at least two methods to do this, but we’ll mention only our favorite, as the second is considerably more cumbersome:

For our favorite method, it will help to begin with a Smart Playlist which contains your Holiday music. Create the a Smart Playlist with the following attributes, and name it “Holiday Music”:


Once this is done select this new “Holiday Music” Smart Playlist, hold Command (Mac) or Control (PC), and click the check mark just left of any track’s title. This will deselect all songs in that playlist.

Next, open iTunes’ iPod Preference (when your iPod is connected), and enable the “Only update checked songs” option.

We like this method since it’s so simple, and since we are free to delete the “Holiday” playlist from our Source column once we’ve finished unchecking or checking the songs.

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