Q: I have a fourth-generation iPod touch with my home e-mail address. Do I need to add my work e-mail address too so I can be contacted there as well?

– Carol

A: You only need to add your work e-mail address if you have friends or colleagues who may try to contact you using this address instead of your home address. This has nothing to do with your current location or which network you’re currently using, but is merely an alternate address you can be contacted at.

This can be useful if you have a different set of friends or colleagues that you do not want to give out your personal address to, while still allowing family members to contact you using your home e-mail address. Note that you will still have to choose one address to act as your “caller ID” for outgoing calls—this address will be shown to identify you to other FaceTime users when you call them. If privacy of a home or work e-mail address is important you will want to avoid using that address for your outbound calls.


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