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Q: I was trying to find out information about the XtremeMac Luna X2. On their website they show that they received “Best of Show 2008” from iLounge.com but I can’t seem to find anything about it on your website. Can you let me know if you really did award something and if you have any reviews or other information on the Luna X2?

– Carlos

A: XtremeMac’s Luna X2 was indeed awarded a Best of Show 2008 award from us at this year’s MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. Information and a video can be found in our 2008 Best of Show Winners Announcement.

Unfortunately, XtremeMac has suffered numerous delays on bringing the Luna X2 to market, and the product itself is not yet available. The current expected ship date is now November. Our review of the Luna X2 will appear once the product has actually been released and begun shipping.

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