A Brief Note on the 4G iPod nano’s Purple Color

Over the past few days, we’ve received a bunch of inquiries on just how purple the new purple iPod nano really is. Rather than creating a section of our comprehensive iPod nano review to discuss the issue in detail, this Backstage entry shows off a photo that might be of interest to some readers.


The simple answer is: the new iPod nano is definitely purple, but it leans more towards an indigo blue than reddish purple. To try and illustrate the difference a little, I pulled a couple of aluminum SIGG bottles, one blue, the other purple, and placed the blue and purple nanos next to them. You’ll note that the purple bottle has more of a red tone.

In any case, this particular nano color is probably my personal favorite right now. There are a lot of great options in the new rainbow, but this one’s as close as we’ll likely get to the royal blue that I’ve been waiting to buy for years.

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