A Few Words on Civility and Decency in Comments

Over the past half year or so, you might have noticed that our administrators have taken a different approach to moderating comments, and that there are consequently far fewer of the obnoxious trolls who once threatened to turn many of the reader conversations here into pointless flamewars.

At some point in 2009, the moderation philosophy shifted from what was once “anything goes” to a “sorry, but if you’re a jerk, you’re banned” attitude. Readership hasn’t suffered in any way as a consequence, and the vast majority of our readers have been able to enjoy a more relaxed, less snarky environment as a consequence. Now that the dead weight’s been cleared out, we’d like to re-invite everyone who might have been holding off on posting to do so—we and the rest of the iLounge community appreciates your insights and opinions.

Just be civil and decent. Disagreement and debate with your fellow readers is welcome, but our moderators will swing the ban stick if they see conversations devolve into name calling, personal attacks, or posting of falsehoods. The golden rule continues to apply here. And, once again, if you have issues with an article, contact an editor directly through e-mail – news (at) ilounge (dot) com for news articles, or me [jeremy (at) ilounge] for anything else. Thanks!

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