A List of “2″s That Could Be Inside iPad 2

Apple’s marketing team builds campaigns around simple themes. “I’m a Mac / I’m a PC.” The iPod silhouette dancers. iPhones making everything easy. iPads doing lots of different things well. So the big “2” on the March 2 invite could be a broad hint as to what the company’s thinking for the second-generation iPad’s marketing plan: strongly message the “this is a true iPad sequel” theme, referencing all the “2” elements inside the device.

Here’s a list of some of the possible 2’s. Which do you think will make it into the new iPad?

(1) A dual-core processor.

(2) A graphics chip with twice the power of the last iPad GPU.

(3) Twice the RAM.

(4) Twice the storage capacity.

(5) Twice the speaker power.

(6) Two cameras.

(7) Twice the screen resolution.

(8) Twice the screen visibility outdoors/brightness.

(9) Two types of supported cellular networking options—CDMA and GSM.