Since iLounge’s editors aren’t involved in the promotional/business side of the company, we’re generally as surprised as you when new special edition iLounge accessories materialize at CES—something that’s been happening for the past two shows. Here are some of the cool items that we spotted this year, along with what we know about the limited size of their production runs.

GelaSkins NYC Custom iPhone 4 and iPad Stickers. Designed by eBoy, this customized New York City graphic featured GelaSkins and iLounge signs next to a white, gray, and orange rendition of the Chrysler Building, plus an iPhone chilling on an orange recliner above the city. These are the most common of the special editions; hundreds (perhaps a thousand) of the iPhone version were given away at CES, with fewer of the iPad ones.

Speck iLounge SE iPad and iPhone 4 Cases. Available in three color schemes, these specially modified versions of Speck’s Fitted Cases had white fabric with either orange, green, or blue renditions of the iLounge logo, repeating in a pattern. The rest of the case is black soft touch-finished plastic. To our knowledge, the total number of these cases was in the hundred or less range, but there might have been more.

Just Mobile AluPen SE for iLounge. This rare orange version of Just Mobile’s AluPen stylus also included a white iLounge logo on one side. We get the impression that five or fewer were produced, with one to be given away to a lucky winner of a card drawing at the iLounge booth. It’s the only orange edition in the company’s newly expanded color range of AluPens.

LuxMobile Swarovski Case. Discovered only after we’d already judged our Best of Show Awards, this rendition of the iLounge logo on a beach by the ocean was a complete surprise to even our owner and publisher. Only one was produced.

iLounge 2011 iPod, iPhone + iPad Buyers’ Guide Discs. Produced by iLounge in a limited 1,000-copy run, these discs are the only physical form of our multi-million-downloaded Books and Buyers’ Guides, which are digitally distributed for free to our readers. The rare disc versions also include our free Books and backcatalogs, and are given away at the iLounge booth along with stickers and other small keepsakes.