A White Christmas? Our Editors’ Photos [Updated x2]


‘Twas the day before Christmas, and all through my house, creatures seemed to be stirring… especially our dogs, who are hunting for a fox that showed up over the weekend in our backyard… But I digress.

A White Christmas? Our Editors’ Photos [Updated x2]

Having spent a substantial portion of my life living on the East Coast before my six-year stretch in Southern California, there were always two things we could count on in December: talk of whether there would be a “white Christmas” this year, and then, inevitably, at least a little snow on the 25th. For obvious reasons, this sort of talk stopped when I was living in Orange County, and started up again with last week’s relocation. Yesterday, the temperature here in Western New York was in the 50s. There was rain, and what snow remained on the ground was melting at a rapid pace. A small creek developed in our backyard. A fox showed up. The dogs were confused.

What you see above is the scene this morning. Snow started to fall in the evening, before the ground temperature dropped to freezing, and then started to stick when temperatures fell lower. The forecast today is for a high of 32 degrees Fahrenheit—just enough to keep the snow around—but on Tuesday, it goes up to 36, and then into the 40s for the rest of the week. I’m thinking there will be a white Christmas day, at least around here, as appears to also be the case in the Midwest. But what about where other iLounge editors and readers live?



Above is the scene from Jesse Hollington’s place in Toronto, Canada this morning. Just as here, Jesse says that it was pouring rain yesterday, and that the more urban areas look muddy and slushy.



Bob Levens sends us this shot from High Newton, Cumbria in the United Kingdom. He says it’s a “horrible wet day” there, and “very un-Christmassy.” “Does it ever snow there on Christmas?” I asked Bob. “Yes, usually when I am not here, though!”



Dennis Lloyd describes Irvine, California as “bright and sunny in SoCal” today. This isn’t a surprise. Nice spa, though.

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From all of us at iLounge to all of you, wherever you may be, we hope you’re enjoying the holiday break, and that the season brings you the joy (and toys) you deserve!

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