About that iPod touch review

As a brief note to readers: our iPod touch review could have been online already, but we’re holding it back.

We consider timeliness of our coverage to be imporant, but we consider accuracy to be even more important. It goes without saying that haste is the enemy of certainty.

After years of iPod releases passed without massive media attention, it seems like everyone’s now rushing to be “first” with a “review,” terms which have accordingly all but lost their meaning. What is a “review” if it’s based upon glib comments or little analysis? What does it mean to be “first” if you achieve nothing more than planting a timestamped flag in the ground with little perspective attached? That’s not our style.

So we’re choosing to wait—a little.

Our review of iPod touch will likely be one of the most controversial we’ve published, so we’re re-running some tests to make sure we’re being fair. You’ll see the results very soon, and we hope they’ll help you make a more informed decision about whether to buy into this particular iPod, or hold off for next year’s replacement. Stay tuned.