Welcome to iLounge Backstage! Every week, at least five new and interesting things happen behind the scenes at iLounge, and until today, we didn’t have a place on the main site to discuss them. This new section of iLounge is now that place. Dennis and I plan to use this space to talk about what we’re working on, testing, and thinking about, along with occasional asides on other issues that might interest us but not belong elsewhere on iLounge.


As an initial iLounge-related entry, we have six products currently undergoing testing for our reviews section. In the queue are two iPod accessories from Gadget Accessories, Tunewear’s new Icewear case for iPod mini, a new Sena fashion leather case (in two colors) for iPod mini, the new oPod by Otterbox for 3G iPods, and Speck’s new SkinTight Armband for iPod mini. We’re also expecting some potentially exciting new products from iSkin in the very near future, and considering the possibility of an updated roundup of third-generation iPod docks and stands… the only issue with which is that there aren’t many out there any more.

The really cool ones that MacMice and other companies made have disappeared or been discontinued (see photo for an example). Have you seen one that you’ve liked? Is it still being sold someplace? If so, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do about checking it out.

On another note, if you haven’t entered the iLounge Triple Crown Giveaway yet, now’s the time.