Apple sells 106k iPods a day, every day

Just a quick thought: Apple announced back in October that it had sold more than 39 million iPods during its fiscal year 2006, which ran from October of 2005 to September of 2006. Doing a little math, that means that on average, Apple sold 106,849 iPods every day during that year.

And if you’re willing to accept today’s wildly speculative analyst’s report that Apple could sell 20 million iPods during just the Holiday 2006 quarter alone, divide through by 92 days, and hit the equal button, you’ll see an even crazier number: 217,391 iPods per day up until December 31. We think the total number’s going to be a little lower – 18 million, give or take a million – but who knows, maybe the analyst is right. Or even conservative.

Whether it’s 100,000 or 200,000 iPods a day, every day, for three months or a year, those numbers are incredibly impressive, and suggest just how strong the iPod really is as it goes into the holiday season. It puts some perspective on the news that Sony was able to sell around 88,400 PlayStation 3 consoles to its hardest core fans and online auctioneers during this weekend’s two-day Japanese launch, and suggests just how much luck Microsoft is going to have making even a dent in the iPod’s success.

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