Backstage: Apple drops Remote and Case pack-ins

As iLounge moderator Andy Hedin was first to point out, Apple has unexpectedly and belatedly removed two pack-ins from the new 40GB iPod’s box – after listing them on its web site. For the moment, it appears that neither the wired Remote control ($39) nor Apple’s fabric carrying case with belt clip ($39) will be included with either fourth-generation iPod, a change from past Apple practice. Prior generations of iPods differentiated between price points not only with storage capacity, but with pack-ins, such that the top two iPods each included these otherwise optional accessories; now the only difference between the iPods will be the inclusion of the optional Dock ($39) in the 40GB box. Additionally, Apple’s web site now states that neither the new 40GB iPod nor the 20GB iPod will ship with a 4-to-6 pin FireWire adapter, a piece previously included mostly for PC laptop users.

While these changes were most likely made to achieve cost reductions, we’re still surprised that Apple’s web page launched this morning with inaccurate information, even including third-generation iPod part numbers. For reference, a screen grab comparison of the relevant portions of the original and revised pages appears below.


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