Backstage:  Future Plans for the iPod 101 Series


As you have likely noticed, I’ve restarted weekly progress on our elementary-level introduction series to iTunes and the iPod— iPod 101.  iPod 101 has thus far served as a guide to “Getting to Know iTunes’ Basic Features,” as we feel that using iTunes to it’s fullest is an essential part of enjoying the iPod/iTunes solution as a whole.

The series is going great.  Over the past few months, we’ve covered nearly all of the basic aspects of iTunes:  Importing CDs, Making Playlists (Manual & Smart), Burning CDs, Tagging Tracks and Adding Album Art, Printing CD Covers & Track Lists, and using Party Shuffle.  The response we’ve received from you all has been very positive, and we’re glad that our readers new to the iPod (and those looking for new tips) are enjoying the series.

Enough summary… I’ll get to the point.  Much like Jeremy has done below (help him, too!), I’d like to offer our preliminary plans for the future of the series to you, and hopefully get some feedback.

I have two more iPod 101 articles currently in the works:  Adding WMA files to your iTunes Library and the iPod (for PC users only), and a tour of the iTunes Music Store.  With the addition of these two articles, most newcomers will have experienced all of the essential components of what makes iTunes a fun one-stop-shop for digital music.  However, the series will not end here.

After iPod 101, I’ll be handing out diplomas (ok, only kidding) as we continue to iPod 201, which will deal with more advanced iPod & iTunes topics.  These will include (but not be limited to) items we see brought up in the forums frequently:

  • Methods of iPod Synchronization (Auto, Selected Playlists, Manual)
  • Relocating your iTunes Music Library
  • Using the iPod’s PDA features
  • Copying music from the iPod back to a computer
  • AppleScripts?  eBooks?  Audible content? Help us make this series what you want it to be! 

    As the series will be rapidly growing, we also hope to create a more friendly index page dedicated to iPod 101/201.  It will be easily accessible to new readers, and easily to navigate through the series in order of increasing difficulty.

    I’d like to now ask for your feedback on the series and suggestions for iPod 201 articles. 


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