Backstage: Keeping busy during site outages

The good news: iLounge made the transition to new servers a couple of weeks ago, solving the crashes and problems brought on by overwhelming (but much appreciated) site usage. The bad news: there’s a little bit of tweaking underway to add additional network functionality to the site, so there will be some disruptions over the next couple of days.

Keep checking back; the worst part is likely over.

Backstage: Keeping busy during site outages

In the meanwhile, if you want to see what the parents of tomorrow will be blaming for their kids’ problems, you can do what I’m doing this weekend: playing Doom 3.

If you haven’t heard, it’s the original Doom game mixed with radical audiovisual improvements and the best elements from The Shining, Alien 3, and Total Recall. It’s also the first good reason I’ve had in three months to turn on my Windows PC, and runs surprisingly well given that I don’t have the latest and greatest anything inside that machine (my dollars now go strictly into my Mac).