Backstage: Leander on iSkin v. Lajo

picEvery once in a long time, this subject comes up only obliquely in a silicone case review. This isn’t because I don’t know the story well enough to tell it more fully; it’s part of iLounge’s history, but something Dennis prefers not to discuss on the main site. It’s one of two or three rare subjects that will instantly make his blood boil. He’s fiercely protective of the site, hates spam in the forums, and is entirely justified in feeling that the situation got way out of hand before. The last thing he wants is a repeat occurrence.

Anyway, it’s nice to see the story get a more public airing. As a fan of both companies’ products, and a fan of (fair) competition in general, I’d personally like to see the dispute resolved on all sides. This particular past situation has inhibited iLounge’s collective willingness to take some bold and positive actions that would benefit all iPod accessory makers, and since I remain optimistic that such actions are still possible, I’m holding my breath for a mutually satisfactory, meaningful resolution.

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