The two biggest challenges when you move from one home to another come from your big, inanimate objects and any sized animate objects that aren’t fully grown people. This much I learned over the course of this three-day holiday weekend, when I moved myself, my dog, and my didgeridoo from one place to another. Once you own big things, you need a truck and family, friends or hired labor to help you move them. Thankfully, Dennis volunteered his skills – making the move tremendously easier.

Backstage: Me, my dog, and my didgeridoo (aka The Explanation)

But there was still the issue of the dog. Keep him with me all the time? Leave him at one place or another? Check him in at some facility for a few days? I opted for something between the first two choices, and prayed that he wouldn’t freak out over the move. Amazingly, he didn’t. And after it was mostly finished, I even had one of those awesome dog moments: sitting next to me, he rested his head on my leg and fell asleep. From a Siberian Husky who seems to like being independent, that little gesture of trust and companionship felt like the greatest reward I’d ever received.

Things have changed a lot in my personal life over the last few months. I recently ended a stormy, bad relationship – hence the move, and my personally slowed-down pace of updates – and am ‘back on the market,’ so to speak. My new place is a major source of joy; quiet and just about the right size for my current needs, still in sunny Irvine, California, and filled with other dog lovers. In this environment, I’m officially almost back at full speed, and consequently there are major, major plans afoot. More on that soon. For now, I’m off to pretend I can play the didg again.

Jeremy Horwitz

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