Backstage: New to the queue and seriously cool

Currently in the review queue are the following items, which are taking a back seat in priority to the recently announced iLounge Buyers’ Guide 2004:

BTI’s iPod Auto/Air Charger. Haven’t played with it yet, but it looks like good news for people with iPod cases that don’t leave enough room for non-Apple Dock Connector plugs – it uses the official Apple part, rendering it totally compatible with 99% of the cases we’ve reviewed.

DLO’s new 4G Jam Jackets.

Think Power Support’s Silicone Jackets plus integrated screen protection, minus Click Wheel protection, and plus a little bit of iSkin grip style on the sides and back. In decent colors, too. The Pro versions have detachable belt clips.

And DLO’s Action Jacket, which is highly reminiscent of…

Marware’s full 4G lineup of neoprene and leather cases, which we have delayed reviewing for a bit too long. They’ll probably be amongst the earliest of the reviews to go up.

Reviews of iSkin’s new 4G eXo 2 and Incase’s new Leather Sleeves are done and ready to go up whenever Dennis has a free moment.