Backstage: PlayStation Portable (PSP) Photo Gallery 2

We’ve opened our second (and likely final) gallery of photos of the PlayStation Portable, including:

  • More iPod/PSP comparison shots
  • Detailed pictures of Sony’s new UMD Discs and Memory Stick Pro Duo media
  • Comparisons of the UMDs with CDs, Nintendo DS game cards
  • Comparisons of the PSP with Nintendo DS (newly added, end of gallery)
  • Screenshots of a couple of PSP games (Ridge Racers and Lumines)
  • Game boxes, Value Pack accessories, and interesting close-ups of the PSP’s clear acrylic exterior components, plus
  • Fingerprint smudge shots to show how the unit looks after typical use – not for the weak-stomached.

    This will bring to a close our quasi-coverage of the PSP, but you can go back and look at our previous Backstage articles on the subject if they’re of interest.

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