Backstage: The post-Macworld Expo queue, a.k.a. “the flood”

pic With our two iPod shuffle reviews now out of the way, I’m now ready to turn our attention to an absolutely insane collection of items awaiting review: headphones, car accessories, cases, battery packs, wireless adapters, and so on. A few highlights from the pack, in case you missed them on the main iLounge page during Macworld San Francisco:

  • Miyavix Kimono cases (bottom right) for iPod 4G and mini.
  • Power Support’s 3D Wheel Film (bottom left) for iPod 4G and mini, and iSkin’s similar Click Wheel protectors for iPod 4G (inside cases, left center)
  • Griffin’s Lapel Mic (center) for use with iTalk.
  • AirPlay FM transmitter (bottom center) for iPod 3G/4G/mini.
  • Solio solar charger (top right) for iPod 3G/4G/mini.
  • TEN Technology NaviPlay (top center) for iPod 3G/4G/mini/photo.
  • Speck ToughSkin for iPod 4G.

    And of course, there’s a lot more. Way, way more, actually. We may have to start taking votes on what people want to see reviewed first.

    By the way, the Mac mini is also on that list someplace. Wow.

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