Backstage: The State of the Buyers’ Guide

The last couple of weeks have been very busy behind the scenes at iLounge, for reasons you probably understand if you’ve been following the Site News on the main page. Roughly 125% of my energy is going into the iLounge Buyers’ Guide 2004, and it is in seriously awesome shape right now. I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t, and I haven’t wanted to say much on the subject until I could really see it for myself in tangible, concrete form.

At the moment, something over 60 pages of new iLounge material has been finished and/or laid out, with more to come over the next several days before we lock down the Guide editorially. I’d promise a specific number, but I want to leave it flexible given a few concerns we’re continuing to manage on this end. Suffice to say that the hard parts are officially behind us at this stage, and we feel confident that we’ll be delivering something excellent to you all for the holidays.

We’ve been considering when and how to distribute an early sample to everyone, but that hasn’t been decided yet. If you guys have questions or requests, make them known soon and I’ll try my best to address them before we lock it down.