Backstage: The U.S. arrival of Power Support

Some people like Japanese products just because they’re Japanese. As a former exchange student and visitor to Japan, I’ve had thirteen or more years to get past that mindset. Today, the Japanese products I like are those that embody the best traits of Japanese design: elegance and an unusually high degree of attention to detail, texture, fit, and form. For these reasons, the soft launch of Power Support’s English-language, U.S.-based website is nothing short of an exciting event for me. And if you appreciate excellent design work, you’ll want to check it out immediately.

Backstage: The U.S. arrival of Power Support

The oddly-named company has been selling awesome, decidedly Japanese accessories for iPods (and computers) through a Japan-only website for some time. Dennis and I have been hoping for many months that Power Support would export their catalog to customers outside of Japan, and finally, they have.

The company’s U.S. arm, Power Support USA, now has a bunch of new iPod accessories available for U.S. customers:

iPod Silicone Jacket set* (includes Crystal and Wheel Film)
iPod Crystal Film* (screen protector)
iPod Wheel Film* (protective donuts for the iPod wheel)
iPod Stand* (renamed iPod Mobile Stand for U.S., includes free Jacket and Film)
iPod Simple Stand* (likely includes free Jacket and Film)
iPod Flex Stand* (renamed iPod Swivel Fix Stand for U.S., includes free Jacket and Film)
The iPod mini gets all of the * accessories too, plus an exclusive case called the Crystal Jacket.

Japanese consumers can also buy an iPod Power Adapter, plus two other stands called the iPod Stand Universal, and iPod Flex Stand Universal, each designed to hold encased iPods. And the Japanese site supports 1G/2G iPods with a number of items, as well. If you’re a Mac lover, check out the G5 Skate and Rooftop accessories. My personal wish list includes an Ergo PowerBook stand and those PowerBook air vents. The stuff is just too cool.