Backstage: Ugh, more rumors – PSP and iPod AV

picIf the third time’s really the charm, we might have to wait for the “color-screened iPod” rumor to surface once more before it actually happens. But yeah, for the second time in the last couple of months, the rumor is that Apple’s going to release a 60GB color-screened, digital photo ready iPod before Christmas. Thicker and heavier than the current 40GB model, the new iPod would supposedly sync with Apple’s iPhoto application (Mac only? Hmmmm) and likely include a higher-resolution (but still 2”) display, a video out port, larger-capacity battery, etc. The current rumor has it that the new iPod will play back digital photos, but won’t have its own media reader for transferring them off of a camera. I strongly, strongly hope that part is at least half inaccurate.

Since this rumor stuff turns out to be wrong on the particulars so often, I’m reserving judgment for when and if the actual announcement is made. But if the rumor turns out to be near-term true, I will be very anxious to see a new and improved color user interface, and disappointed if one isn’t there. Your thoughts?

On another rumor note, the other story making rounds is that Sony’s picked March 2005 (Japan) and September 2005 (USA) as launch dates for the PlayStation Portable, with an eye-popping price tag of $300 to further salt the wounds of delay. Then there’s the PlayStation 3, which according to current rumors Sony won’t release until 2006, but is trying very hard anyway to secure May 2005 (E3) magazine covers so as to ruin Microsoft’s Xbox 2 rollout. I don’t need to further editorialize on the PSP, but it looks like if there was ever a chance for Sony to be roundly dethroned in the electronic entertainment market, now’s the time.

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