Backstage: We looked, no new iPods @ Apple Store

picNo go. We’ve checked with Apple Store retail locations across the United States, and even though Apple is claiming that the new fourth-generation iPods are available today, there’s no trace of them anywhere in stores. The first two stores we contacted did not volunteer an official availability date, while others in Chicago and New York City indicated that the new iPods would be available “in about a week.” Three of the locations noted that Apple’s online store is taking “pre-orders” for the device, which is claimed online to be on “1-2 business days” availability, with orders already being confirmed as in process.

The attached photo depicts a seriously bummed out Dennis drowning his sorrows in an ice cold Frappuccino (left), with Jeremy’s favorite Super Caramel Frappuccino to the right, after we visited a Southern California area Apple Store to confirm the news.

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