Backstage: Why the RadioSHARK may change our lives

It’s rare that something potentially amazing arrives for testing at iLounge, but today, one such something showed up. I’m currently playing with Griffin’s long anticipated, once-rumored-never-to-be-coming-out RadioSHARK, a PC/Mac compatible accessory that lets you record FM and AM radio broadcasts for later listening… on your computer OR iPod.

Or iPod. Record radio on your computer and listen on YOUR iPOD. RadioSHARK is the device that Howard Stern and other talk radio fans have wanted for more than a decade, and it supports AAC format (read: iPod compatible, highly compressed) recording.

Backstage: Why the RadioSHARK may change our lives

It’s like TiVo, but for broadcast radio, and with far more on-the-road enjoyment potential. Imagine “time shifting” (recording) your favorite radio programs and listening to them whenever you want. Or pausing and rewinding live radio in real time. It all works.

If no one screws this cool toy up with a lawsuit, it could change the way we listen to radio – and dramatically improve revenues for radio stations by rendering their late-night and early-morning programming even more accessible to larger audiences.

Only limitation so far: I’m getting a little static in the high-interference location where the RadioSHARK’s being tested. But I’m going to try and get rid of that. This thing is too cool not to like.