Backstage: Yes, the iPod is THAT important to Apple

picThis isn’t an Abe Hirschfeld caricature (or a Highlights for Children Hidden Pictures game for that matter), but if you had to guess how many iPods were in this window of a bricks-and-mortar Apple Store, what number would you guess? Between 1 and 3? How about 5? Maybe 8? Ten?

picIf you answered 11, you’re mostly correct. As it turns out, Apple’s new rotating store displays include 5 new 4G iPods on one side, then flip to reveal 5 iPod minis on the other. The most interesting part: a reference to “collect all five” on the iPod mini side, the first suggestion from Apple to date that one person (other than Karl Lagerfeld) might want to own multiple iPods.

And then there’s the sign, which makes 11. But behind the display sits a row of Macintosh computers, each with its own docked iPod. Then there’s the other window, which features yet another collection of iPods, and the store’s entryway, which has one more stand-up sign touting the iPod. Yes, the iPod’s here to stay. And it seems like Apple wants to make sure we don’t forget it.

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