Buffalo Chow, or, My Shout Out to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Western New York

Buffalo Chow, or, My Shout Out to Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and Western New York 1

In the past year since we relocated iLounge’s main editorial location from Southern California to Western New York, I’ve been thrilled to receive occasional comments and e-mails from nearby readers—notes that they’ve seen their home towns on our iPhone map screenshots, and caught the little area references we sometimes slip in to other photos and articles. As much as people enjoy being part of the iLounge community, I take pride in being a part of my local community, too.

Today, after many months of quiet building, I’m ready to share something new with iLounge readers who might be interested in knowing what I’m up to when I’m not covering iPods and iPhones. It’s called Buffalo Chow—an opinionated guide to Western New York’s famous foods, best restaurants, and related topics. Buffalo Chow is a place where fans of Buffalo chicken wings can learn the differences between authentic and wannabe versions, where our local Roast Beef on Kummelweck sandwiches and world-beating, FedEx-able Buffalo-style pizzas get the international exposure they deserve, and where Buffalo’s 100 best foods and restaurants are listed, with cool photography. It’s my personal baby, and not affiliated in any way with iLounge, but I run it with the same strict editorial standards that iLounge has operated under.

I realize that some people aren’t going to care, and that given the broad international scope of iLounge’s coverage, others may wonder why I would spend my time on anything so decidedly local and arguably esoteric. My answer is simple: as nice as it is to focus on products that have become globally important, I truly love living and working in Western New York—this area has a lot to offer its citizens, as well as the rest of the world. Buffalo Chow is my small contribution to making my community better, by pointing out what’s so great about our area’s famous foods and restaurants, and by working to help people around here realize what types of things we’re missing relative to other major cities.

It’s worth a brief note that I’d initially planned to do most if not all of Buffalo Chow’s photography and writing from an iPhone. Once I saw how the pictures were turning out, and concluded that long-form typing isn’t really feasible on the iPhone, I dropped that idea in favor of using a real camera and real keyboard. Hopefully, the next-generation iPhone brings this dream a little closer to reality.

As my lunch break (mmmm… lunch) draws to a close, I invite you to check out the site. Learn a little about Loganberry, Buffalo’s famous char-grilled hot dogs, our sponge candy and pastry hearts, and some of Western New York’s locally produced wines, amongst other topics. If you’re from outside the area, you may even find notes on restaurants, snacks, or drinks that are famous where you live. In any case, I hope you enjoy Buffalo Chow. It will continue to grow and improve over time.

  1. Ah, welcome to the region! I grew up in Philly, but quickly fell in love with Western NY after moving here in ’93 for college. It’s a great area. I live in Rochester, so our weather’s a bit milder than yours. We also have our own local favorite, the garbage plate. Take a trip east and try one out! 🙂

    BTW, Anchor sucks, go Elmo’s! 😉

  2. Wow… someone that actually knows what Loganberry drink is! Oddly, I like Crystal Beach better than Aunt Rosie’s.

    I’m an expat, but if I could get a job there, I’d go back — if only to be able to shop at Wegman’s. What a fabulous grocery.

  3. as someone from toronto, i have made more than a fair share of trips through buffalo. i was once stranded at a mall in buffalo during a snowstorm. $6 for a gin and tonic and more chicken wings than i could finish.

    i think i understand why the area is economically depressed. how can you make money off of that? or maybe the explanation goes in the other direction and this is all they can charge in that market.

    poor buffalo … at least you have the Bills to buoy your spirits.

  4. Jeremy, I think you and I traded homes. I grew up in Silver Creek, and I had my share of the winters and grey weather there in Buffalo. Though practically my entire family still lives there, I gave up the lakeside overcast bluster for the birthplace of summer, sunny blue skies of San Diego. I always find it makes me smile reading about my old home, and though I don’t miss the weather, except maybe fall, aahh fall, I do miss the food, the people, AND Wegmans! Man, if only So-Cal was so lucky to have Wegmans!

    I look forward to reading your opinions, make sure you cover my old favorites; SPoT Coffee, Pano’s, Jim’s Steak-Out, and Mighty Taco.
    Thanks for taking stake in my old snowy home. She needs some love.

  5. Great to hear you’re operating out of what I call “Silicon Falls”!!!!

    I’m in Rochester, and an iPhone app developer (100sounds.com), and I live down the street from Ambrosia Software, another iPhone (and Mac) developer! So this is a relative hotbed of i-activity!

    Don’t forget COUNTRY SWEET and NICK TAHOU’S!

    For those folks who left the area, Crystal Beach Loganberry is now available in 2-liter bottles, and Country Sweet sauce is available in bottles too. Wegmans has both!

  6. #1: We come out to Rochester once in a while, these days mostly for Dinosaur BBQ. And agreed on Anchor.

    #2: Yes, that is odd! Cronfelt’s and Aunt Rosie’s versions are still my favorites. And Wegmans is indeed awesome.

    #3: Well, this is one of the only regions of the country that experienced growth in 2008, while everyplace else fell in the double digits. Even so, dollars go a lot further here than they do in Toronto. That’s why Canadians are always packing the parking lots of WNY malls.

    I wonder how long ago that $6 drink and wings deal was. Most places here charge around $8 just for a small order of wings.

  7. Jeremy, what Wegmans do you shop at? If at the Niagara Falls Boulevard store, i work there, and will keep an eye out for you!!!

    Glad to have you in the area!

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