By Request, a Preview of iLounge’s Comprehensive iPhone 3GS Review (Updated)

When we first created Backstage, we did so for two reasons: to let readers preview articles that might or might not appear on the main iLounge web site, and to discuss topics such as video games, Mac computers, and the like that weren’t necessarily of interest to the broader iLounge readership. Over time, Backstage has shifted more to the off-topic stuff than the advance article previews.

We’ve received e-mails and comments requesting our initial findings on various details of the iPhone 3GS’s performance. Rather than just posting them in a summary table, I had hoped to post the roughly drafted iPhone 3GS review here on Backstage. But due to its 10-page length, posting it in preliminary form on the main iLounge page—with appropriate caveats as to its non-final nature—seemed like a better idea.

So, you can see our comprehensive but preliminary iPhone 3GS review at this link, complete with some very interesting battery, Bluetooth, audio quality, and screen quality findings, as well as notes on compass and GPS performance, photo and video recording performance, and more. Pictures, audio, and video are for the moment linked rather than in-line. There will be a ton more before the review is done. Enjoy what’s there for now.

Updated: The second draft, radically expanded, is available now.

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