Evidence of Saddam using iPhone at MWSF

Submitted for your approval: convincing photographic evidence* that Saddam Hussein had the opportunity to test Apple’s iPhone on stage at Macworld Expo in San Francisco prior to his widely publicized execution.

Evidence of Saddam using iPhone at MWSF

Why run this photo now? Well, why not, if this photo and this video are supposed to be ‘news’ these days.

What do you think, readers, should we be running stuff like this on Backstage, or ignoring it on principle as we’ve been trying to do for a long time now?

(* = While you’re expressing your views on the question above, feel free to list your top 3 reasons a photo like this wouldn’t convince you of anything. Yes, it’s (obviously) a fake.)



Updated: By reader request, we’ve added an additional photo* of Osama Bin Laden attending the debut of Microsoft’s ZunePhone.