Exploring Int… Oh, Wait, Safari’s Hung Again

I will allow you, dear reader, to imagine what was going to be posted in today’s Backstage entry, “Exploring International iTunes Stores.”


You’ll have to imagine it, because this entry—focused on some of the interesting differences between Apple’s many iTunes Stores—was entirely lost due to what I’ll call “yet another Safari hang-crash.” During one of these crashes, Safari randomly locks up, putting a spinning beach ball on the screen and just sitting there until the program is forced to quit. An inspection of Activity Monitor doesn’t yield clues as to what’s wrong. Trying Flash Player upgrades to the latest version doesn’t seem to have helped. And having virtually nothing else running doesn’t seem to make things better, either.



As I have said before, I love my Macs. Love them. I buy extra ones for fun. But these crashes in Leopard, like the graphics glitches and external monitor issues shown above, are just killing me. I never thought I’d see the day when I would consider going back to a Windows PC, yet every one of these hangs, crashes, and bugs makes me think about it, if only for a moment. Is the solution a retrograde to Tiger? Or something else?

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