Full 2008 iPod + iPhone Battery Life Chart (Preliminary)

Just wanted to give loyal Backstage readers a preview of the preliminary comparative results of our battery tests on the 2008 iPods and iPhone 3G, as well as comparisons with the 2007 models. We’re re-running one test for confirmation, but think the numbers are pretty solid.


Notable: Any claim that the iPod classic 120GB hasn’t changed from last year’s 80GB predecessor is clearly wrong. Apple’s own web site shows a 6 hour boost in audio and a 1 hour boost in video playback time. Actual results show those gains, but over the 80GB model’s real performance, not what was stated. In other words, the classic remains the iPod family’s longest-running audio and video player, with comfortable leads over the new iPod touch.

Also: We had heard that Apple was reworking the iPod shuffle, but between battery and audio test results, it seems that whatever the company’s planning has not materialized in the model shipping in late 2008. The 11-minute difference in run times is non-material.

The full results of our tests can be seen in the iPod nano review, iPod touch review, iPhone 3G review, and soon-to-be-released iPod classic review.


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