Heads Up For Loyal Readers: The 2010 Buyers’ Guide Is Here

The official press release hits the wires shortly, at which point the downloads will commence furiously… but as always, we wanted to give our loyal readers the first chance to get their hands on this:

The 2010 iPod + iPhone Buyers’ Guide.

It’s our best yet—50 pages larger than last year’s, and completely up to date with everything from new games, apps, and accessories to selling prices so you can trade up your old iPod or iPhone to a new model. Grab it now so you can have something to read during that subway ride, lunch break, or slow commute home, quite possibly all three and then some.

And by the way, the numbers are in for the last edition: roughly a million downloads. A million for just that one Guide (!)—on top of the millions of downloads for our prior publications. THANK YOU from all of us at iLounge for your continued support, and enjoy the 2010 Guide. We’ve put many, many hours of our lives into it.

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