Heads Up: iLounge’s 2011 Buyers’ Guide Is Coming (Maybe Even a Little Early)


I’d like to take a moment to apologize to you, dear reader.

Heads Up: iLounge’s 2011 Buyers’ Guide Is Coming (Maybe Even a Little Early)

In past years, the process of working simultaneously on iLounge.com and our annual Buyers’ Guide was challenging, but manageable. As you might have gathered from my less frequent contributions, this year has been different. It would be very difficult to quantify the total amount of time and energy that have gone into our latest publication, which is the largest Buyers’ Guide that we have ever assembled. As I type these words, it is almost finished, with only a few small technical issues left to be cleaned up before we release it for download. Here’s a very quick look at what has consumed so much of our attention in recent days.

In the six years that we have published our Books and Buyers’ Guides, we have never missed (and occasionally beaten) our deadlines, even as the iPod, iPhone, and now iPad families have grown to include an ever-increasing number of different models, accessories, apps, and games. This year’s deadline was set in stone months ago: November 1, 2010. We are proud to say that we plan to have our new Guide in your hands a little earlier than that, so stay tuned to Backstage (or our RSS feed, Facebook, or Twitter accounts) for the announcement of availability later this weekend.

Thank you, sincerely, for your continued support and readership. As trite as it may sound, you are the reason we publish iLounge, and we can’t wait to share our latest work with you.

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Jeremy Horwitz

Jeremy Horwitz was the Editor-in-Chief at iLounge. He has written over 5,000 articles and reviews for the website and is one of the most respected members of the Apple media. Horwitz has been following Apple since the release of the original iPod in 2001. He was one of the first reviewers to receive a pre-release unit of the device, and his review helped put iLounge on the map as a go-to source for Apple news.