As in previous years, our 2011 Buyers’ Guide comes to you as a downloadable PDF file that can be viewed on your Mac or PC, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. We’ve created separate versions, two optimized for computers and iPads, the other tested and ready for iPhones and iPod touches. Rather than trying to read the huge book in Safari, we strongly recommend that you download the entire PDF and store it in iBooks, which lets you enjoy it offline and come back to wherever you last left off.

iPhone and iPod touch. Downloading the Guide directly to your device is straightforward if you’re an iPhone or iPod touch user with iOS 4. Simply tap on the three “View on iPhone/touch Parts 1-3” links to the 2011 Buyers’ Guide from our Library, open each piece in Safari, and you should see an “Open in iBooks” button appear in the top-right corner. Tap on this and the three separate PDF files will be saved and opened individually in iBooks.

As an added bonus, once in iBooks the PDFs should sync back to your iTunes library the next time you connect, saving a copy on your computer that can be synced to any other iOS devices you own. Your can even add bookmarks which will be synced across all of your iOS devices, along with your current reading position.


iPad and Pre-iOS 4 iPhones/iPod touches. Unfortunately, the “Open in iBooks” feature is only available in Safari in iOS 4, so older iPhone and iPod touch users, as well as iPad users currently on iOS 3.2 don’t have this option—at least not yet. Until iOS 4.2 releases for the iPad in November, or if you’re using a non-iOS 4 device, we recommend that you download either the two-page or one-page version of the Guide directly to your Mac or PC, then add the PDF to iTunes by dragging and dropping the file right onto the iTunes window. From there, the PDF should automatically sync to iBooks on your iPad the next time you connect it, or you can manually drag and drop it onto your iPad.


Our Library now contains 15 separate downloadable Guides and Books we’ve published since 2004. You’re welcome to grab them all—they’re free!