Live From New York, it’s iLounge!

Many months in the making, today marks the official opening of our office in New York—an exciting event in iLounge’s six-year history, and one we wanted to tell you more about. Here’s the story:

Live From New York, it’s iLounge!

* Western New York. iLounge’s new office is located in East Amherst, New York, which is an hour’s plane ride from Manhattan. We chose this location because it lets us be just as close as we want to events and companies in New York City, and is also accessible by quick hops to the offices of other companies on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

* Earlier Updates. As of today, four of iLounge’s editors sleep in or before the Eastern Time Zone, whether we’re based in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

Expect more updates from us early in the day, versus the later-in-evening updates we’ve been doing recently. Of course, we’ll still be around at night, too.

* Product Coverage. All of our editorial coverage, including product reviews and previews, will be managed through our East Coast office. News is handled by an iLounge editor based in Florida.

We still maintain a business office on the West Coast in Irvine, California, as well. Following a two-week notice provided to companies on our e-mail list, shipments to Mission Viejo, California are now officially in a “black hole,” and will never be received; please contact us for our updated mailing address if you are not already on the e-mail list.

* Visiting. Our office is not open to the general public, but we are glad to schedule appointments with interested companies. Visitors will enjoy extremely convenient access to Niagara Falls, and some of the most memorably outstanding meals in the United States, including authentic Buffalo Wings, some of the world’s best pizza, and surprisingly excellent Thai food—trust us, we know.