Magnetosphere: iTunes Eye Candy

How many of you out there love iTunes visualizers? Well, if you’re like me—I love cheap thrills—turn down the lights, crank up some tunes and sit back and relax. I just discovered a new visualizer called Magnetosphere. This plugin is seriously different from any other visualizer I’ve seen. It’s stunning on my 30” Apple Cinema Display. I tend to like more ethereal light show type visualizers, morphing and bending light beams at will. Magnetosphere is like that. Bursts of dancing spot lights – like radioactive rain drops on my screen – fluid and intense. The Fugees’ “Killing Me Softly Remix” to Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line” and everything in between. It all looks good with Magnetosphere. 

Here’s a tip. Press M on your keyboard and you’ll get several different versions of visual elements in Magnetosphere (pictured below). Press A to add 100 particles or S to subtract 100 particles. It comes in two flavors, Mac or Windows, and it’s free. Another great visualizer is GasLight. I liked it so much, I had GasLight customized with our logo for a trade show. What’s your favorite visualizer(s)? Let us know about it.

Each panel pictured above represents one type of Magnetosphere visualizer.


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