Maroon 5’s Mysterious iTunes Fade-Out?

Maroon 5’s Mysterious iTunes Fade-Out? 1

We don’t often write about our musical preferences, and certainly don’t spend a lot of time tracking all the new content that flows into the iTunes catalog. There are, after all, “over five million songs” there now. But it seems like some of them have disappeared.


Above, you see the cover of a Maroon 5 EP called She Will Be Loved that I downloaded in part from the iTunes Store last year. I’d provide the URL and link, but when I click on the iTunes Store arrow, I get this message: it’s not available any more. That’s seriously odd, considering that one of Maroon 5’s songs, “This Love,” was apparently the Store’s “most downloaded song” at some point in time. That’s when I notice that the band’s entire, 4x+ platinum album, Songs About Jane, is gone from the Store too, except for four key songs and edited or remixed versions. And the Kanye West remix of This Love, the special track I downloaded from iTunes, is entirely gone as well.



The semi-good news is that iTunes is selling a brand new, absolutely excellent track called Makes Me Wonder. Well, sort of. iTunes has the video for Makes Me Wonder, which I surprised myself by paying $1.99 to download tonight after catching a lower-resolution version for free on YouTube. To me, a decent quality version of the video was worth buying. But iTunes Store users without 5G iPods are already noting the absence of a music only single, posting comments like, “where’s the 99 cent song we can play on our non-video iPods?”



Great question. And where are the rest of the band’s prior album-style releases? Could this have anything to do with the band’s affiliation with Universal Music Group—responsible for posting the video clip to YouTube, snagging a Zune royalty deal from Microsoft, and apparent thorn in Apple’s side? Perhaps someone out there knows the full story, or wants to sleuth it out if it hasn’t been documented already.

Update April 24, 2007: Songs About Jane has returned to the Store, along with a pre-order for the band’s new album. But the Kanye West remix of This Love, featured on the album cover up above, is still MIA.

  1. A couple of other releases disappeared extremely quickly, too: a Mark Ronson EP which was advertised on the FRONT PAGE was in the store on 4/10, and was gone on 4/17; and Charlotte Hatherley’s new album Deep Blue and 2 EPs/singles of material were removed a week after they were in iTunes. Both these artists are from the UK, so I’m betting there were distribution issues with their label, but, seriously, WTF?

  2. This has happened to me on numerous occasions. In particular with Imogen Heap’s “Speak For Yourself”.
    I started downloading tracks from this album last summer, which was removed in late autumn/early winter and reappeared with a different sized artwork in late winter. I bought the final songs off the newer version and the songs won’t appear in succesion!

    This along with inconsistencies such as spelling, partial albums and multiple versions of the same album all lead to an extremly frustrating experience!

  3. Yet another gentle nudge toward piracy… I’m sure you could find all this and more through P2P in about 5 minutes max… free from DRM as well.

    When will they learn?

  4. I’ve had audiobooks disappear. I bought part one of a three part book, and by the time I finished part one, part two and three were gone.

  5. This is something I don’t understand at all but have seen it personally happen. I’m in the habit of dragging tracks that I think I might buy into my music area. Later when I want to buy it I’ll find the album no longer available which is bizzare.

    This has happened on bigger artists as well. Chris Isaak (known for wicked game) had his entire catalog on iTunes and had one of those custom iTunes generated Essential Chris Isaak compilations created. I noticed one day that half his catalog was gone. The iTunes generated Essential collection replaced the source of some of the songs from the missing albums to the greatist hits album he had released. After a couple of months the albums popped back up. Weird. If it were a publishing rights issue, why would some albums (under the exact same label) still be there?

  6. I think it has something to do with the iTunes Latino section of the iTS. Many Latin artists’ catalogs are poorly organized, like Shakira’s and Jennifer Lopez’s.

    For some reason, Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved” appears on the Top Songs under iTunes Latino, but in some random Cuban compilation album.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but the iTunes Latino section of the store has always bothered me. Although the songs appear under their respective genre, most are tagged with “iTunes Latino”.

    Hopefully this is the reason for what’s happening in iTunes.

  7. RunDMC – It’s Tricky is another song that has disappeared from iTunes. Not sure of the exact time it went missing, but it was within the last year.

  8. About two years ago, I bought one track from Eric Clapton’s 461 Ocean Boulevard, and another from the deluxe edition of the album. When “Complete Your Album” was introduced, I checked it out, and only the deluxe version was on the list.

  9. The most noticible one for me, and one I complain about quite a bit, is that the Death Cab for Cutie iTunes Original album has been butchered. They’ve removed most of the videos (only one of the original 7 left) and all of the commentary tracks.

  10. a couple years ago, John Mayer rocked out four live EP’s that were available only from the iTMS. a year later, I was playing them somewhere when someone asked me where I got them. I said I’d email her the URL but when I went to fond it, they were all gone 🙁

  11. Ummm…yeah…they take music and videos off the store every week…

    The entire Reign in Blood album from Slayer is gone. Cubicle from Rinôçérôse is gone. Cherish’s Do It to It and Unappreciated is gone. They used to have Ace of Base. Gavin DeGraw’s We Belong Together is gone. Baby Got Back from Sir Mix-a-Lot is gone. The Grammy Performance from Mary J. Blige is gone. I can go on forever cause I have a list.

    Nothing is pemanent.

  12. Now that I think of it, weren’t Live 8 performances on iTunes at one point?

    I’ve checked periodically for them for the past year or so, and never see them, but I seem to remember them being talked about.

  13. Maroon 5 albums are back. I guess they took it down because they were revamping the Maroon 5 pages or something since their new album is coming out and they’re pre-selling it on iTunes.

  14. Timmy – any time Maroon 5 disappears from a music store, it just points out that some artist you like could disappear too.

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