More iPod Speakers, or More iPod Sneakers?

I’m really interested in getting your take on the following question:

What do you care about right now, more iPod speakers, or more iPod sneakers?

The real question I’m posing here is whether you, as an iPod owner, are more interested in traditional accessories, such as a theoretical next-generation iPod speaker/headphone/car audio integration kit, or things that are completely new and outside the box, like the Nike + iPod Sport Kit and the iPod-compatible sneakers it spawned?* [Updated: To further clarify, I don’t mean only Nike sneakers, but rather new things that are similarly innovative and unexpected.]

As we head into two upcoming trade shows, this question is weighing on us. We see crazy numbers of speakers, headphones, car accessories, and cases around here, virtually none of them breakthrough in any real way, and very few really innovative products. There is no doubt in our minds that we’ll soon be wading through aisles of similar products, looking for ones that stand out from the crowd. What do you really care about? What would you prefer that we completely ignore? I’m listening.

Bear in mind that the iLounge Poll (main page left column, in orange) has headphones, media content, speakers and cases in the lead right now, but perhaps for lack of more outside-box choices. Tell us what you think, and don’t forget to register your vote there.

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