Morning Techno: Drifting in Silence

Morning Techno: Drifting in Silence 1

Technically, I was awake at around 6:20AM this morning, working on the upcoming Free iPod Book 3.0, but I wasn’t really awake until I watched this video.

It’s industrial techno by Drifting In Silence, a band founded by Griffin Technology’s Derrick Stembridge. Five or so years back, I was a more serious techno fan than I am today, but DIS’s music has been making me re-consider the potential of the genre, alternating between the harder sound of Chameleon (in the video) and chill tracks. You can hear some of the music for free on the band’s official website, and through its iTunes pages.



If the genre interests you, my advice would be to start with the 3L3tronic Toxic Remix of Chameleon, which reminds me of old favorites from The Chemical Brothers and Fluke. It’s from the band’s new CD Fallto, which flips between clean driving beats, a more raw NiN sound, and more relaxed songs. I’m actually impressed; it’s not a bad way to wake up, as far as I’m concerned.

  1. What the expanding-my-mind-by-exposing-me-to-cool-music is going at ilounge these days? Very cool track, Jeremy. Wanna hit the clubs later? I’ll bring the disinterested stare into the middle distance. You can bring the ironic t-shirt.

  2. I think it is fine that iLounge highlights some of the music they listen to. They offer their opinions on everything iPod.. why not music? It’s not exactly going to turn into a MySpace page..
    (I hope) 😉

  3. lostkiwi,
    A couple of years ago we ran a little ‘contest’, just for fun, in the forums based on a staff iMix –

    Obviously, music has been just as important to iLounge as the iPod – without one you wouldn’t have had the other – and discussions on music, artists, albums, recommendations etc have been an [url=]integral part of the forums[/url] from the beginning…

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