New Zune on Monday? [updated x2, confirmed]

We’re hearing that Microsoft’s holding an event in Redmond on Monday to preview/announce a new Zune – most likely the flash-based one the company’s been hinting at for a while. No other details yet; if there’s something worth telling you about on Monday, we’ll let you know. (originally posted May 4, 2007, 4:09PM)

Updated May 7, 2007: The rumor turned out to be true. From what we understand, Microsoft previewed the new Zune to its favorite people (developers) today; the actual product rollout is coming at a later date. While we don’t yet know exactly what was shown, it appears to be on an excitement level roughly parallel to the first Zune: “not bad,” rather than “cool” or “wow.” This isn’t surprising, as Microsoft reserved the “wow” for Windows Vista; we’ll have to see whether any additional updates trickle out from the preview later today.

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