On the New Late 2009 Mac Lineup

Though the rumors were obviously out there some time ago—and generally accurate—everyone is still sort of shellshocked by the tidal wave of Apple Mac announcements from earlier today—the new iMac and MacBook, the new Mac mini, Magic Mouse, and the comparatively minor Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme and Apple Remote stuff. So I’ll just say briefly what’s on our collective minds right now:

Bravo, Apple.

There wasn’t a detail missed in the new iMacs—the right prices for bigger screens, better processors, and finally a replacement for that damned Mighty Mouse, one that looks like a super cool update to the classic transparent one-button Apple mouse I’ve kept using for years. Quad-core in and of itself would have been big news, but 27”? Wow. Wow. The new plastic MacBooks are neat, too; I played with one earlier today and was generally pretty impressed, particularly with the fully rubberized bottom that will finally get rid of all those glossy plastic surface scratches. As its power adapter has changed, it looks like MagSafes are all heading towards the MacBook Air- and Cinema-Display-style metal connectors with side-angled cables for strain relief, too. And the Mac mini, Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme and Apple Remote news? All welcome, though not earthshattering.

This is going to be an insane holiday season for Apple. And deservedly so. Glad to see the announcements actually happen today after all that waiting.

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